Learning to Play Guitar at Church

In Mid-Air Playing Electric GuitarSo, I was talking to my friend the other day about wanting to learn to play the guitar.  You see he is one of those religious types and has been playing guitar in his church for a very long time.  I was curious to find out exactly how he got started and learned to play the guitar so we sat down to lunch one day and I asked him.  His answer was actually very shocking.  You see he plays guitar in a Weatherford church and actually learned to play by just watching other members in the band there.  They kind of took him under their wings and helped him to find the best techniques to play the styles of music that they were playing.

Once he was a little better established in his guitar skills he did start to pick up a few other methods for learning.  One of those was of course online guitar lessons as I have suggested in my previous post.  However, I was very shocked that someone could become so skilled so fast just by taking time to play with a band.  I guess there is a lot to be learned about rhythm and tempo in the band that is harder to learn any other way.  I’m not a part of a band yet so I’ll just have to spend some time honing my skills with a backing track for now.  It is almost as good of an alternative while I’m just starting out with this 6 stringed instrument.

Now my friend still plays guitar at church along but it’s less of a learning thing for him now.  Still their band is getting better and better and it is really great that he was able to learn guitar in such an interactive way.  I think everyone should definitely jump at the chance to learn through a church program, especially if your church plays the type of music that you eventually want to be playing.  You learn more about my friends church, Couts UMC  in Weatherford, Texas by following that link thingy back there.

Awesome Guitar Lessons – I’ve got to find some

Look – We all know that the coolest kids in school always played guitars.  I mean, it seems like it really didn’t matter how dorky or smelly they were.  If they played guitar, they totally got all the girls.  So, I was thinking the other day about just how hard this playing guitar thing could possibly be.  I grabbed my old beat up Fender Strat and tried to strum a few chords.  I sounded horrible!  Instead of an awesome solo, it sounded more like a drowning cat.  And that is when I decided that I really needed to look into getting some guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons are not that hard to come by really.  There are hundred of private guitar instructors out there looking for their next gig.  But I really didn’t want to go that route with the memory of trying to play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano still lingering from back in the day.  Plus I wanted lessons that would eventually teach me how to play both acoustic and electric guitar.  I started looking for online guitar lessons and thus my journey began.

How I Ended up Finding out the Best Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar

At first I was totally lost… searching aimlessly on Youtube for a few measly videos with some hopes that if I watched enough of them I would magically become a rock star and get all those girls to like me.  It didn’t work.  It didn’t even come close actually.  I think it made things worse.  So I decided that if I really wanted to make something of myself I was going to have to put a little more time and effort into this ordeal.  I grabbed my trusty old guitar and started looking for paid online lesson options.  The funny thing is, they really don’t cost that much.  I was able to start learning guitar for very little money.  I even got some learn guitar dvd course so that I didn’t have to be online to watch the lessons that I was getting.  How great is that?

Basically I found a couple of pages that worked the best.  The first one that really helped with learning guitar was http://www.learn2playguitars.net.  This a great resource run by a cool guy named Joshua Garrett.  As I continued to search I definitely found a few more resources and it was really great.  I’ll be telling you a little bit about it later but for now I have got to go get some practice in so that I can be ready to play this new song for the girls.